At Kalyana Resort, we want to provide you with facilities to enhance your staying experience with us. Our facilities are located in-resort and can be used by guests for many different occasions. Just ask our staffs and they will gladly help you.

Meeting Room


Our meeting room can accommodate up to 100 persons or 60 persons with table seating. It is well equipped with audio visual equipment system, including video/data projector, screen and sound system.

Audio Visual Room can be functioned as mini theater or karaoke room. It is equipped with projector, screen, DVD player, and sound system with seating capacity of up to 25 people.


For our guests' convenience we provide onsite technician to optimize the use of our Audio Visual equipment as well as to provide troubleshooting.

Free wireless internet access is available throughout the premise. Please ask our Front Desk staff for the access code.

We have special meeting room packages if you want to use the meeting room. Check the rates by clicking here and please notify us in advance by clicking here before you are going to use the meeting room.

Dining Hall


Kalyana Resort's dining room is next to the exquisite fish pond. The dining terrace is facing the peaceful Pendopo gazebo and the flower garden, offering guests serenity and stunning infinite panoramic view of the surrounding hills across the cliff.

Kalyana Resort offers catering service for guests who would like to enjoy variety of unique, healthy, and delicious dishes of different cuisine style onsite while enjoying the refreshing breeze of mountain air. Our superbly prepared dishes are MSG-free.

Pendopo Gazebo


In the peaceful Pendopo Gazebo, our guests could relax while enjoying the astonishing panoramic view of Merapi Mountain and surrounding forest fresh air.

Located deep below the Flower Garden is the Open Air Amphitheater. This amphitheater is perfect for outdoor discussion, meeting, or gathering and is filled with beautiful blossoming flowers.


Swimming Pool


Guests are welcome to take a dip in Kalyana Resort's infinite designed swimming pool. While swimming, guests could enjoy breathtaking natural view of the surrounding environment. Kalyana Resort's swimming pool is surrounded by lush fruit-producing trees.

During fruit picking seasons our guests are more than welcome to pick ripe fruit from its trees and enjoy fruits like jack fruit, pineapple, durian, or avocado. We also have many different types of flower plants on the resort as well as coffee and melinjo plants in our property. After processed, melinjo fruit can be consumed as crackers. 



Our library features cozy seating that will make our guests enjoy reading our books collection for hours. Guests are welcome to use library for discussions.

Kalyana Resort has many seating areas throughout the garden where our guests can sit and enjoy the mystical beauty of the scenery.